Barcodes-2D-UID-IUID Codes

Although most materials can be laser marked or laser engraved, from time to time your desired engraving information won’t fit on the part. 2D Codes, such as data matrix, address this problem with the ability to have up to 2,335 alphanumerics contained within a small code. With the need to track and trace parts, 2D codes that conform to UID-IUID-GS1 formats will meet the new standards the government is requiring.

No matter if your surface is flat, curved, compound curved, cylindrical, convex, or concave, shiny or dull or just simply hard to reach, we can do it. Laser marked codes are consistently machine readable over the life cycle of the part. We can custom design your label as well as provide construct 1 and construct 2 level labels.

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