We’ve done millions of plastic marking and plastic engraving jobs since 1988. We have ample experience engraving logos, graphics, alphanumerics, barcodes, 2D symbologies and high-precision graduated scales. We can work with challenging plastic shapes to get the marking you want. Please note that in most cases the laser will react with the plastic and change its color.

The latest compositions of plastic materials and new generations of laser marking systems is driving an industry demand for indelible or permanent types of marking. Laser marking is a non-contact reactive process. Direct laser marking of plastics has far-reaching benefits for many industrial applications. When compared to conventional ink printing and silk screening, the choice is clear.

The basic principal of beam-steered laser marking is to irradiate the polymer with a high-energy radiant source. The radiant energy is absorbed locally by the material and is converted to thermal energy. That thermal energy, in turn, induces reactions in the material. Several types of reactions are possible including charring, ablation, and chemical change. Depending upon the desired marking contrast results, the laser system parameters can be manipulated to achieve the preferred type of reaction.

— Industrial Laser Solutions — Plastics Decorating — Scott Sabreen

Ace Laser offers test marking on your products free of charge to your satisfaction, and can work with you to meet tight deadlines.

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Ace Laser Tek offers plastic marking services to clients in Deerfield, Elk Grove Village, Milwaukee, Franklin Park, Chicago and around the world.

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